About Us


Knowing that pickleball is the fastest growing sport across America, Canada, Europe and Asia, we became determined to address and find a solution to the common problems that pickleball players experience.

We knew the areas we wanted coverage on our hands. Initially, we had perfect intentions but poor engineering.

After four years and countless trials, we have finally engineered what we feel like is the perfect pickleball glove. It gives us the coverage we need, allowing for our fingertips to maintain constant contact with the paddle while enhancing your grip.
Ladies and gentlemen, we give you The One Pickleball Glove
No matter what your skill level, The One Pickleball Glove promises to deliver a more natural feel than ever before. Dry or wet this glove is the best grip you will ever experience. It is simple in design, durable, and will last longer than any traditional pickleball glove you have ever worn. Try it. You will love it.