Revolutionary Fabric

The One Pickleball Glove is made of the softest and strongest suede you can find today. It conforms to your hand and will last 3 times longer the average glove. You can even wash it!

Sweat and Water Friendly

Neither sweat, rain, nor condensation from a glass of water will keep this glove from adhering to the paddle handle. As a matter of fact, the wetter the One Pickleball Glove, the better the grip without losing control of the paddle. Perfect for those suffering from hyperhidrosis (abnormal sweating.)

Natural Feel

Because of the soft, light Ultrasuede, while keeping your fingertips on the handle of your paddle, you will experience the most natural feel you will have with the One Pickleball Glove. If you wear rings, there is no need to take the ring off.

Address: 9040 E 10th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46229