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Blue Pickleball Glove


The One Pickleball Glove – Single-Finger Design for Optimal Performance

Experience the ultimate pickleball performance with The One, the revolutionary single-finger pickleball glove designed to elevate your game. Crafted from the finest materials and engineered for maximum durability and comfort, The One is the perfect companion for players of all levels.

Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm:
X-Small 5 1/2 inches and below​
Small 6 1/2 – 7 1/4 inches
Medium 7 1/4 – 7 3/4 inches​
Large 8 – 9 inches ​
X-Large 9 inches and above

Key Features:

Revolutionary Fabric: Made from the softest and strongest Ultrasuede available today, The One conforms to your hand, providing unparalleled comfort and fit. This advanced material is designed to last three times longer than traditional five-finger gloves, ensuring long-lasting use and value.

Natural Feel: The One glove offers a soft, light feel thanks to its high-quality Ultrasuede fabric. This innovative design lets your fingertips maintain direct contact with the paddle handle, delivering a natural and enhanced playing experience that no other pickleball glove can match.

Sweat and Water Friendly: Whether you’re playing in sweltering heat or caught in a sudden rain shower, The One’s sweat and water-friendly fabric ensures that the glove remains adhered to the paddle handle. This feature gives players a consistent grip and a higher confidence level in all conditions.

Washable Fabric: Durability meets convenience with The One’s washable fabric. Not only does this glove offer extended protection and comfort, but it’s also easy to clean, ensuring that you always have a fresh glove ready for your next game.

Variety of Colors: Available in four different colors, The One caters to both men and women, allowing you to choose a style that suits your personal preference.

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